Blitz Barricade Curved Strike Shield


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Ideal for developing the striking ability of a fighter, this multi-functional strike shield features two adjustable straps and two conveniently placed handles allowing for a variety of Martial Arts techniques and styles of training to be practiced. Shield can be held length-ways or on its side, giving a range of training possibilities and allowing the holder to position themselves in tight angles to demand fast and precise strikes from the fighter. Curved strike surface absorbs the strongest blows whilst minimising the force felt by the holder and is perfect for improving uppercuts, angled strikes and technical movements. Made from Nama Hide leather with a high density foam core for maximum shock absorption. Sold as a pair.

Small shield dimensions: 45cm high x 36cm width x 13cm depth
Medium shield dimensions: 55cm high x 36cm width x 13cm depth
Large shield dimensions: 65cm high x 36cm width x 13cm depth


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