We can’t yet train in person with our friends but we will once more all train together in person. Likely there will be restrictions at first. Eventually tho we will get back to normal. one of the many attributes training in martial arts gives us is patience. We don’t learn patience talking about what patience is. We learn it by practicing Ju Jitsu. We work hard to master new skills, to perfect and retain old. To succeed in this we require patience. We set ourselves goals – short term, working towards that Tag, long term, working towards that belt. As we do this we learn the value of patience and develop the attribute of patience.

I’m looking forward to one day being able to see all my students training in person with their friends. Until then, I remain patient and look for and enjoy the positives. I still get to teach this great martial arts to my friends, my martial arts family, to see them develop, grow and succeed – albeit online.

Looking for something positive and constructive to do in Lockdown? Come learn a useful skill, make some great new friends and be part of our martial arts family.

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