Little Dragons Testimonial

Harry enjoyed watching his big brother in Little Ninja’s so much he was delighted to join Little Dragons. I have been amazed to watch both the change in the class and Harry, as the random chaos generally generated by a class of 3-6 year old has been transformed into an orderly and fun lesson and Harry has learned to better control his natural enthusiasm. It has also helped improve his co-ordination, listening and social awareness (which isn’t easy in a 5 year old boy). He also really enjoyed some of the summer holiday training camps and took a lot of confidence out of training and playing with the older children in the Little Ninja class. His enthusiasm for the lessons is clear as was his real sense of pride when he was awarded his Red Stripe Belt.

I think both Little Ninja and Little Dragons are excellent and really beneficial for children. However, the above lessons should come with a health warning, because you may find that your children’s new found enthusiasm for Martial Arts and resulting fitness, may prompt them to query your own level of fitness and ask you to do something about it as well!!!