This year as well as growth in new members, the senior grades have also grown in numbers – this is thanks to your dedication, perseverance and commitment. Remember – to progress you need to turn up and train. We all have days when we’re tired and feeling a little under the weather but more often than not once we get ourselves to training we find our second wind and end up feeling better. Samurais – revision is important so make sure you are organised and on top of homework and coursework throughout your time at school, from year 7 onwards.

It has been fantastic to see so many young people have and achieve long-term goals and to then make new goals to achieve. With Dragon Black Belts looking to become Ninja Black Belts and Ninja Black Belts to achieve Samurai Black and of course Samurais and Adults looking to achieve Black it is certainly an exciting time to be a part of Winchester School of Martial Arts. Oli & Jenson look set to become the first ever Samurai Black Belts next year and I know you will all be there to help them achieve this goal.

The Adults & Teens Thursday class is growing – we could do with more adults! Everyone is friendly and all were beginners once so you will find a fantastic welcome and will be well looked after. Come along and give the class a go, Ju Jitsu is a great way to get fit, learn self-defence and enjoy a shared hobby with your young one. The Friday 7 pm class is a mixed age group class and a perfect opportunity to train with your young one.

The BJJ kids group has grown and is doing well, earning high praise from my Instructor. I would like the TKD class to grow also. You all saw at the grading how this class could help your striking – come try it out. 1 pm Sundays.
Keep spreading the word to all your friends so that the club can continue to grow and develop.

I’m looking forward to another fantastic year with you all.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Thank you all again.

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